Great Hot wings

This is a fun little place with an open kitchen concept… very unique personalities work here.  They have a 10lbs cheese steak sandwich challenge… awesome sandwich, however I couldn’t eat 10lbs of anything inside of 2 day much less one sitting.  I was here for the wings and their hottest Hot sauce, during March Madness with a buddy who flew in to see FL St.  When the wings came out the smell of hot sauce just cleared my nose right up they were hot and delicious. My eyes watered my nose ran but they were not hot just to be hot they tasted great slices of jalapenos laid on top and in the sauce, the sauce was not greasy the wing were big 10-12 count per pound, cooked perfectly. Will have to admit these were the hottest wing I have had.           

Up side they serve them 6 at a time so they never get cold they give you a ton of napkins and the staff is on top of it! They pour beer  fast or would it be just  helping put out flames.  A great place to duck out of a country night, a very eclectic  bar in the middle of cowboy boot and hats. 

The fries are amazing and I’m not a frie guy I normally  eat 6 or 7 but that it, I was dipping them into the sauce.  Try any of the sandwiches they have you will not be disappointed with your choice. 

Truly one of the best dive bars in Nashville.  


113 2nd Avenue North, Nashville, TN.(615) 504-1197

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