They boasted they have the low country’s biggest pizza at 28” for $36 and 2 topping.  That's my 10yr old son in the background.

This is one the biggest pizza I have ever order it filled up 8 kids and 3 adults.  The cook came out when I asked to have them sliced in to thin wedges, he told me they  normally make them into squares .. even better!  The pizza was good I suggest going with extra cheese totally transformed the pizza.  

Although it’s a nice cozy place the service was slow I had to ask for a refill on my drink twice my brother never go his dinner order and just ate pizza for his birthday dinner, it was a large group but we were 1 of 6 parties in the place.

I would go back just need to set the expectation, they were great folks and friendly.    

Tuscan Bistro

1990 Trolly road Summerville SC 29485 (843) 851-1885

Great Hot wings

This is a fun little place with an open kitchen concept… very unique personalities work here.  They have a 10lbs cheese steak sandwich challenge… awesome sandwich, however I couldn’t eat 10lbs of anything inside of 2 day much less one sitting.  I was here for the wings and their hottest Hot sauce, during March Madness with a buddy who flew in to see FL St.  When the wings came out the smell of hot sauce just cleared my nose right up they were hot and delicious. My eyes watered my nose ran but they were not hot just to be hot they tasted great slices of jalapenos laid on top and in the sauce, the sauce was not greasy the wing were big 10-12 count per pound, cooked perfectly. Will have to admit these were the hottest wing I have had.           

Up side they serve them 6 at a time so they never get cold they give you a ton of napkins and the staff is on top of it! They pour beer  fast or would it be just  helping put out flames.  A great place to duck out of a country night, a very eclectic  bar in the middle of cowboy boot and hats. 

The fries are amazing and I’m not a frie guy I normally  eat 6 or 7 but that it, I was dipping them into the sauce.  Try any of the sandwiches they have you will not be disappointed with your choice. 

Truly one of the best dive bars in Nashville.  


113 2nd Avenue North, Nashville, TN.(615) 504-1197

In –N-Out Burger

Ever been to a places where it’s not about the food it’s about recapturing the initial experience that you once had, It’s like rolling 7 2x in a row when needed… that right I’m in Vegas.   I first went to the in-and-out next to the college but over the years the one right off the strip has been easier to get to. The quality is the same and the food the same too.  Will have to admit not the best burger I have ever had. This product and place brings me back to younger years when this was all I could afford.

There is a secret menu that made you feel like you were part of a burger society. The thing I always add is mustard grilled, simply put its cooking the first side, the cook will squirt some mustard onto the top of the patty before flipping it so that it sizzles into the meat on the grill, pretty tasty.


 In-N-out Burger

4888 Dean Martin Dr., Las Vegas, NV (800) 786-1000
Andrew Chmiel 


Well my Job took me up to NYC twice a year both times in the fall, there is nothing like the pace of the city side walk, you can tell the locals from the tourist by how fast they are moving. The tourist are looking up, down, left, right and move like a baby who has been walking for 5 days. Now compare that to the local that has some where they have to be in 12 minutes and nothing is going to stop them not a city bus or even the suggestions of the light at the cross walks. I will admit I am that drunken baby the lights, the sounds and smells scream NYC! The cultures and the foods they bring to this party is incredible anything and everything is only a taxi ride away. I normally stay in time square cause I don’t know where else to stay, but that’s another story .. stay focused Andrew … ‘Pizza’ that’s right after dinner, drinks and a few rounds with clients I will talk around time square to soak up some culture somehow or another I will find myself at Ray’s Pizza. A wedge of an over sized pizza pie and the question always is .. 1 slice or 2. Mind you I most likely not more than five hours earlier consumed 12-16 oz of steak some sides and some seafood appetizer .  However this is a slice of heaven a slice of Americana, there are so many choices – the worst think you can do is over dress the pizza I will do plain cheese or pepperoni. You pick out the kind you want and they pop it into the oven and you drop a 5 spot, ‘keep the change kind sir’. Now the waiting game starts – it’s only 5 minutes but you want it now! To get it cold would be a sin.. you want the flowing grease from the pepperoni to emulsify  in the hot oven and to melt the cheese and crisp up the crust. That’s what makes the crust so good, it's the water from NYC. Finally they yell pizza up! You now grab your pie and sprinkle some cheese and crushed red pepper and that 1st bite always burns the top of your mouth every damn year it happen again and again…  come on!  So the is the trick to a tasty bite is never fold our pizza inward the first few bites is all bread and finally the sauce and topping hit you. Fold it the other way and have the cheese and topping land directly on your tongue.  Now we’re  talking the fresh tomatoes, basil and oregano the cheese that strings when you pull the slice away from your mouth. To this day I will never know if it’s the pizza or the whole experience after midnight possibly  the fact I can’t get it but twice a year. No trip is ever complete to NYC until I grab that pizza  slice.

  Famous Original Ray's Pizza
 831 7th Ave New York, NY 10019-6001. (212) 974-9381      

Andrew Chmiel